From Preserving a Legacy to Producing Precious Pups, ICR Leads the Pack in Canine Reproduction.​

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From pinpointing ovulation through progesterone testing to selecting the timing of insemination, Innovative Canine Reproduction can help.​

Chilled Semen Kits

When the male is available and fertile, it is possible to collect, chill and ship semen. This process is made simple and economical by CLONE technology. Chilled kits are available for use by owners, breeders and veterinarians.


If you're ready to breed your stud dog now, or are concerned about the quality of the dog's semen, or if you're just looking to preserve your dog's breeding ability long after he's gone, Innovative Canine Reproduction has solutions for you.

Become an Affiliate

Any licensed veterinarian can incorporate the CLONE technology into their veterinary practice. This value-added service can enhance your existing relationship with your breeding clients or can provide a way for your practice to attract breeding clients from your surrounding area.

Dr. Mantell provides all training to those seeking to become ICR affiliates and is available for consultations once training has been completed.

To become an affiliate or for more information, please contact us today.