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Male Canine Reproductive Services

If you're ready to breed your stud dog now, or are concerned about the quality of the dog's semen, or if you're just looking to preserve your dog's breeding ability long after he's gone, Innovative Canine Reproduction has solutions for you.

Collection & Evaluation

Most male dogs are easily collected in the office. Semen quality and quantity is assessed.

Frozen Semen, Preparation, Storing and Shipping

Frozen semen technology allows for the infinite preservation of semen. This allows a male's reproductive capacity to outlive him. Additionally, a male’s reproductive capacity can be owned by multiple breeders. It can be dispersed to multiple locations awaiting use including being shipped over international borders when shipping a dog is not practical. Innovative Canine Reproduction stores semen at one of the largest canine sperm banks in the country.

Frozen semen is shipped in dry shippers cooled by liquid nitrogen. This is a safe and effective means of transport. It is shipped overnight via Federal Express domestically. International shipment times vary.


There are many causes of infertility in male dogs. The older a dog is and the more he is used, the greater the likelihood of infertility. One of our areas of interest is identifying and addressing the causes of infertility. Since the restoration of fertility is often difficult, storing semen early in a stud dogs life is a wise investment for any breeding program.

Female Canine Reproductive Services

When a bitch comes into season, timing is critical in every step of the breeding process -- from pinpointing ovulation through progesterone testing to selecting the timing of insemination. Innovative Canine Reproduction provides all these services so responsible breeders can maximize the dog's chances at successful pregnancy.

Breeding Timing by Progesterone

Because of the expense, and critical nature of the appropriate time of insemination, progesterone testing is critical to the breeding process. ICR provides accurate progesterone testing and can pinpoint the most optimal day(s) to begin breeding.

Successful breeding depends on determining the optimum time for insemination. Factors that need consideration include how the semen is prepared, how a particular female cycles and her reproductive history. We maintain equipment dedicated and calibrated for progesterone testing, this allows us to provide accurate same day results Monday through Saturday.

Artificial Insemination

Artificial Insemination (AI) techniques include vaginal, trans-cervical and surgical insemination. The best method for a particular breeding is determined by consultation.

Vaginal insemination is the simplest. It can be done by breeders, owners and veterinarians with success. The technique has application for neat (side by side) and for chilled semen.

Using trans-cervical insemination, the semen is deposited into the uterus through the cervical canal. Two techniques are used to accomplish this procedure. At Innovative Canine Reproduction most trans-cervical inseminations are done under sedation using the Norwegian pipette, a specially designed tool developed in Scandanavia and used widely throughout Europe. Dr. Mantell is one of a small number of people in North America trained in this technique. It is a safe and effective method of intra-uterine insemination. The second technique uses optical instruments to visualize the cervix. We use this technique when body conformation precludes use of the Norwegian pipette. The most appropriate technique for an individual is best determined by consultation.

Surgical insemination is the gold standard for artificial insemination. It is the only technique that allows direct examination of the uterus and ovaries if needed. Surgical insemination bypasses any problem related to the condition of the vagina and cervix. It requires general anesthesia and abdominal surgery. It has broad application for canine reproduction in that veterinarians are universally familiar with similar abdominal surgeries.

The most appropriate technique for an individual dog is best determined by consultation.

Whelping Management & C-sections

Care of the whelping female must be prepared for locally. We are happy to consult with your veterinarian when our expertise is needed. Arrangements to care for our local breeders are made individually.

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