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Dr. Dale Mantell became associated with CLONE in 1996. Trained by Dr. Govette, Dr. Mantell has over 18 years of experience in canine reproduction, backed by over 35 years in general veterinary practice.​

Innovative Canine Reproduction services are performed at The Doylestown Animal Medical Clinic in historic Bucks County, Pennsylvania, and are overseen and administered by Dr. Dale Mantell and his staff.

Dale Mantell, D.V.M.

Thirty-five years ago, Dr. Mantell opened the Doylestown Animal Medical Clinic as a small-animal practice serving Bucks County, Pennsylvania, and the surrounding area. Dr. Mantell graduated from the Veterinary College of Cornell University in 1979. He is a Phi Zeta (veterinary academic honor society) member.

He is a member of local and national veterinary associations and a member of the Theriogenology Society, an organization of veterinarians devoted to animal reproduction. He lives in Doylestown with his family and pets.

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Sandy has worked at The Doylestown Animal Medical Clinic, the parent company of ICR, for over 20 years! She is a true animal lover through and through.  While she doesn't discriminate, Rottweilers have always held a special place in her heart.  She resides in Bucks County with her husband, perfect Rottweiler Camo, a sassy Chihuahua Rita, a spunky and often naughty German Shorthairded Pointer Tickle and lots of cats!