*Innovative Canine Reproduction does not provide reproductive services for “pit bull” terrier type dogs due to the abuse of these breeds and the large numbers being euthanized in shelters nationwide. We respect and are pleased to provide reproductive services to the AKC recognized American Staffordshire Terrier community.

About Us

Founded in 1981 by Dr. George Govette, the first office was named the Cryo-genetic Laboratory Of New England (CLONE) and was located in Warwick, Rhode Island. Since that time, Dr. Govette pioneered the technology of freezing canine semen and over the course of decades, he perfected extraordinary systems for artificial insemination and semen preservation. Today, these techniques have been passed on and acquired by Dr. Dale Mantell and Dr. Drew Sporer who purchased the business in December 2011 and renamed it Innovative Canine Reproduction.

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